Sunday, November 14, 2010


Steven's-Elmhurst, IL, originally uploaded by William 74.

Welcome to Neon Sunday! This week, we're in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, within sight of the Tower. Located on a busy corner is Steven's Steakhouse, which opened in the sixties, and has always featured this Googie-tastic neon sign out front. I like the giant arrow pointing right at the restaurant, and the fact that the biggest word on it is "STEAKS". No messing around there. The "Steven's" part on the top used to rotate, and is now held in place by a chain (which makes me wonder if it swivels in the wind now). The building itself doesn't quite match the sign, which was remodeled during the Dryvit "remodeling" craze and has a faint whiff of 90's small chain restaurant about it. I understand it used to have a much more minimalist exterior, complete with flagcrete.

Steven's has been closed for a couple of years now-the owner stopped when I was there and told me that the city wants him to take the sign down, and that it's free to a good home as long as the taker pays to have it removed. Thought I'd pass that along.

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