Monday, November 15, 2010

Back Forty

Abandoned Barn, originally uploaded by William 74.

Winter's on the way, so I thought I'd share something with a little bit of snow on the ground. I'm told that this style of rounded barn is somewhat unusual, but I know of several in the general area around DeKalb, Illinois. A couple of them are in far worse shape (one is collapsing), a couple look like they've been restored, and at least one has a big addition with a tractor parked inside. This one's the only one that isn't right next to someone's house-in fact there isn't really much of anything else nearby, except for another older building (I think it was a chicken coop or other animal stall) and a modern shed. Nobody approached me when I photographed the area, and I was there for a good half hour or so.

The title here is somewhat misleading. I mean, the barn did seem to be a sort of auxiliary building for a farm, but it's really close to a lot of houses and other farms. More of a back ten than forty!

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