Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reflection and Contemplation Revisited

Reflection and Contemplation, originally uploaded by William 74.

We're back at the Japanese Garden in Batavia, seen through the viewfinder of an old Spartus Full-Vue TLR camera. This particular camera dates from the late 1940's, is made of black Bakelite, has really cool Art Deco lettering on the front, and the viewfinder on top is made of frosted glass, which is kind of like the privacy glass they used to make office doors out of. I don't know why they used this type of glass, maybe to reduce glare, but it lends a dreamy, almost painterly effect to anything seen through it. It's hard to get a good result doing the TtV thing with this camera, but when it works, it works really well.

I've been doing a bit of TtV photography lately, which is my excuse for posting this pic, although the real reason is simply because I like it a lot.

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