Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fading Glory

Cadillac-TtV, originally uploaded by William 74.

TtV Tuesday! This week's entry is an old favorite, the Old Rusty Cadillac! I like this one, it's got a real vintage feel to it. The subject matter helps, I think. Old cars, buildings, and other stuff is well suited to TtV photography.

I've taken a lot of pictures of this car-I often use it as a test subject when I'm experimenting with new (or even old) techniques. I also stop and shoot a few frames even if I'm just driving past. I'll be very sad if and when it finally disappears.


  1. Where is this car located? There is one like it on the Lincoln Highway in Illinois (Il-38).

  2. That's the one! It's a bit of a landmark, isn't it?

  3. “I'll be very sad if and when it finally disappears.” – I hear you. It is just sad to see vintage cars like this that are left by its owners to rot and deteriorate. But despite the rust and old age, they can still steal hearts. I just hope someone would take a heart and give this car some love.

  4. I've met the owner-he's a nice guy and has other cars and stuff. This used to belong to his father, I believe, and he plans to restore it, "some day". Meanwhile it keeps an eye on the Lincoln Highway.