Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hullo, Windy! Going to work today?

Batavia Windmill at Sunset, originally uploaded by William 74.

The city of Batavia, Illinois is big on windmills-I've shown you a couple already-and here's another. Another landmark brought to the area by Colonel Fabyan, the big Dutch windmill originally stood about twenty miles to the east of it's current loacation, until it was relocated in 1914 to the Fabyan property. It was completely disassembled for transportation, with all of the parts carefully labeled-one can still see the markings on the interior supports.

Time was not kind to the mill, and I remember sledding down the hill in front of it as a kid. Even then it was missing some shingles, and even though it was still a tourist attraction it was looking shabby. By 1990 it was deemed unsafe and was almost demolished-fortunately, enough people were willing to donate time, effort, and money to save this unique landmark. It's since been completely refurbished and looks quite fantastic, particularly on the days when demonstrations are done and it's sails are spinning. I've shot it quite a few times, and I'm sure you'll see a couple more of this.

Before anyone asks, the title refers to WIndy Miller, a character from the sort of obscure British kids' show Camberwick Green. He lived and worked in a traditional mill. Our British reader will laugh a bit at this.

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