Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kicks, etc.

Ghost Road, originally uploaded by William 74.

This is an abandoned alignment of Route 66, in Dwight, Illinois. Route 66 was realigned several times throughout it's lifetime, and I believe that this particular stretch dates from the 1940's, and was part of a postwar effort to ease traffic congestion through some of the towns the road passed through. Still, one could easily make a turn onto the earlier route and go through Dwight, Odell, and other towns along the way.

A newer road parallels this stretch of old pavement, which was common later in 66's life in an effort to increase capacity. A new pair of lanes would be laid, parallel to the existing route and separated by a small median, giving four lanes. Often, the older stretch of road was closed when Route 66 was decommissioned, sometimes torn up, sometimes not. The area around Dwight has a very long stretch of this old pavement, and I was pleased to see this bit still had it's markings.

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