Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sepia Memories

Abandoned Barn-Wisconsin, originally uploaded by William 74.
I spend quite a bit of my free time driving around the countryside, looking for things to photograph. I like finding small towns with traditional buildings, as they're often a good source for things like old gas stations and rusty Pepsi signs. But I like farm buildings as well. I think there's something peaceful and dignified about an old barn or silos.

But sometimes, they're sad, too. This old barn is part of an abandoned farm in Wisconsin. It's near my aunt and uncle's place, and I've passed it several times through the years on visits. It's been getting more and more dilapidated, and I finally went over there this past April to shoot it. The house is gone, just a foundation, and there are a couple of outbuildings that are still standing. But the big barn has half collapsed, with piles of old lumber littering the ground around it. It's pretty rickety now-around the back the framework is teetering, flexing in the wind.

I don't think it'll be long now, and wonder if the buildings will be gone next time I visit.

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