Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heavy Weather

Heavy Weather, originally uploaded by William 74.
I took this in DeKalb, Illinois. I've shot the turbines from various locations quite a bit-I'm just sort of entranced by them-but this spot's one of my favorites, because the line of towers is a strong visual element. Plus, in the summer the corn's up, adding some color and shape. Plus, it's not a busy road, and the shoulders are wide, so it's pretty safe.

This was taken the same day as Caddy On The Storm-a really rainy day. I'd wanted to take pictures of the old Cadillac in the rain (follow the link to read the story) but had to drive out there through off and on showers and occasional sunny patches. Since the wind farm was on the way I decided to swing by. The rain stopped for about five minutes while I shot, and I drove off, straight into a blinding rainstorm that turned to sleet for about five minutes, then a sprinkle, then sun, then rain....lather, rinse repeat.

This photo just about has it all. A few high cirrus clouds, plenty of fluffy cumulus clouds, some dark cumulonimbus clouds, a speck of bright blue sky, and way off in the distance some rain. Those turbines are almost a distraction from the real beauty!

ETA: Edited to add a link.

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