Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Should Be A Member

In 1902-the dawn of motoring-several regional motor clubs banded together to form the American Automobile Association-better known as the Triple-A. Founded in response to the lack of roads and highways suitable for automobile use, the Triple-A flourished, going on to publish maps, offer roadside assistance, driver training, safety information, and sanctioning motor sports.

The Chicago Motor Club was one of the founding clubs back in '02. You used to see these CMC signs all over the city and suburbs, especially on Club sanctioned garages. Today I think most of them have disappeared-this one's in an alley in Uptown on what I think was a service station back in the thirties. I've seen porcelain signs on the shield logo, usually at the flea market or places like Portillo's, but never in situ. Although I have seen quite a few member stickers in the windows of classic cars.

This sign is pretty well known, and is easily seen from the Red Line-because of this it took me months to finally get around to going round the back of this building and shoot it-it was always just there.

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