Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Through the Viewfinder Tuesday!

The Mill Flower, originally uploaded by William 74.

Another week, another TtV Tuesday! This week's entry is, let's face it, kind of weird. Is it the wreck of a steam train? Some sort of oil well? Aliens? Nope, none of the above.

It's a bunch of gears, drive wheels, and shafts from a former grain mill on the banks of the Fox River, in Geneva, IL. They've been arranged into a large sculpture, called The Mill Flower. It's on the site of a mill that burned to the ground back in the fifties, if I'm not mistaken. The gears sat in this spot for quite some time-I've seen photos of them just sitting on the ground-before being turned into art. In a nice little bit of historic trivia, they're not too far from home, having been made by the Link-Belt company in faraway Chicago.

I like this shot-it just looks kind of spooky, don't it?

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  1. It is!

    By the way, I know I don't comment on every post, but I really enjoy this blog. :)