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Highboy, originally uploaded by William 74.
Originally called "gow jobs" (rhymes with "go"), hot rods have been a part of the automotive landscape almost since the invention of the automobile itself (what's that they said? The first car race happened not long after the second guy built one?). The first rods started appearing in the late 1930's, but hot rodding didn't enter it's golden era until after the war, when all those guys came home, got jobs, bought old cars, and started fooling around with them.

In the postwar era, hot rods were exclusively prewar cars, usually Fords, and most frequently coupes or roadsters-sedans were less popular, because they were bigger, heavier, and usually more expensive anyway. The recipe is simple-get a car, take off the fenders and bumpers, add new wheels and tires, pop in a new V-8 engine (or go to town on the one you already had-plenty of guys ran fast four bangers too), and if you had some money spray on some new paint. Get a crash helmet, write your numbers on the doors in shoe polish, and you were ready for the lakes!

This rod happens to be a '32 Ford. The Deuce, in both roadster and coupe forms, was one of the most popular bases for a hot rod. It had that magic combination of style, size, weight, and ease of modification that made it a perfect base for a hot rod-plus it was available from the factory with a V-8 engine, saving you the trouble of fitting one yourself. So popular, that there are more '32 Ford hot rods than Ford ever actually built cars-today you can buy entire Deuce shells and frames and build one from the ground up. That's staying power!

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