Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still Standing

Windmill TtV, originally uploaded by William 74.
My favorite semi-abandoned windmill out in the country. It's not too far from home, and you wouldn't know it from this view but it's surrounded on two sides by a subdivision and by busy roads on the other two. I've shot it before-it's proximity to the city of Batavia makes me wonder if it's a locally made Challenge mill. Amazingly it still spins-albeit unevenly due to broken vanes-and it's kind of creepy when you're standing in this field and you start to hear this gentle creaking as the wind kicks up.

Notice the rubble in the bottom right corner. This windmill was surrounded by a small stand of trees, with an old wire fence collapsing around it. Underneath the brush were old concrete foundations, as well as a cistern beneath the mill. But the trees (many of which were dead anyway) have been cut down, the brush cleared away, and the concrete torn up. I fear it won't be long now before the mill comes down too.

Given the patented Spartus Full-Vue dust 'n' crud treatment.

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