Monday, January 10, 2011


Chevy, originally uploaded by William 74.

Another Tri-Five Chevy. This one's a '55 convertible, the first year of the famous Chevrolet triumvirate. Personally, I've always preferred the simpler look of the '55 to the more famous '57, which has a glitzier grille, more chrome, and bigger, pointier fins. That said, I wouldn't mind a '56 either....they're all pretty cool!

This car was nicely presented, without a ton of cheesy gewgaws like fake drive-in baskets, drive in theater speakers blasting music, or cardboard cutouts of Elvis and Marilyn. Just nice two tone paint and period correct license plates.

I took this at a car show at the Illinois Rail Museum, and liked the old engine parked behind it, as well as the old trolley passing further out.

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