Friday, December 3, 2010

Wrigley Noir

Cubs Noir, originally uploaded by William 74.
Ten-sixty West Addison, in Chicago, is probably the best known baseball stadium address in the majors, mainly because of it's use as Elwood's fake address in The Blues Brothers. Now that Yankee Stadium is gone, it, along with Boston's Fenway Park, is the last of the Jewel Box style of stadia, built between the wooden stadium era and the advent of modern, multipurpose facilities.

Throughout the years, Wrigley has managed to retain most of the quirks and features that define it's resolutely old-fashioned character. Open bleacher seats, a manual scoreboard, it's resolutely inner-city neighborhood locale (no seas of parking lots here! Take the L!) all help make Wrigley a unique experience. Another of these features is at the corner of Waveland and Sheffield Avenues-a big wood wall with a pennant painted on it, and the team's name picked out in neon. Most people head over to the famous red marquee sign on Clark, but I've always favored this side. It looks great as the L train goes by at night (see it in color here).

In memory of Ron Santo, 1940-2010.

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