Friday, December 24, 2010

Dog 'N' Suds

Dog 'N' Suds-Richmond, IL, originally uploaded by William 74.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Neon Friday! Naturally, I don't have any photos of Christmas themed neon, so I'm taking us on a trip back to the warmer days of summer. A time of fun in the sun, going to the beach, mosquito bites, and a trip to the drive in for hot dogs and frosty root beer.

Dog 'N' Suds restaurants were founded in the '50's in Champaign, Illinois, and at one time were really common here in the Midwest. They were best known for their Coney dogs, a hot dog covered in chili con carne and onions, and for their root beer. And I must say, the root beer at Dog 'N' Suds is pretty damn awesome-very sweet and super creamy. You can find bottles of it in grocery stores around here, but I tell you it's best straight out of the tap.

There are only about fourteen Dog 'N' Suds drive in restaurants left-I have vague memories of going to one when I was very young, but I really am not sure. Anyway this one is in Richmond, Illinois, and has this awesome neon sign out front. Everyone should go!


  1. I've driven by this one many times going to Lake Geneva.

    We have two Dog 'N Suds still operating in our part of Illinois: one in Ingleleside and the other in Grayslake. There is also another old one (now a used car place) in McHenry.

    I did not know the chain started in Illinois.

  2. I didn't know it either, till I looked it up. I know about the one in Grayslake but Ingleside is new to me. I've only been to this one because I also pass it on trips to Wisconsin!