Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm a Road Runner, Honey

Superbird, originally uploaded by William 74.

One of the reasons that Mopar muscle of the late sixties and early seventies-aside from the often dramatic styling and the big block motors-is the impressive array of bright colors they were available in. This Plymouth Road Runner Superbird combines all three-wild looks, a 440 Six Barrel, and an eye-watering color called Lime Light.

The Superbird (and it's slightly older cousin the Dodge Charger Daytona) is probably the best known muscle car ever produced. They're quite rare-less than 2,000 of them were made for just one year-and very dramatic, with their pointy noses and that sky high wing. Originally designed to homologate the areo bits for NASCAR racing, the Superbird was a sales failure-the styling was too dramatic for most peoples' tastes, and the standard Road Runner was cheaper and faster on the quarter mile. New examples were still to be found on dealer lots as late as 1972, heavily discounted.

Always a popular car, the 'Bird has had a resurgence thanks to the character "The King" from the movie Cars, which was clearly meant to be Richard Petty's iconic blue 1970 race car.

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