Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Fabyan Park-Batavia, IL, originally uploaded by William 74.
I've been ignoring my Spartus Full-Vues lately so here's a brand new TtV shot for today's Through The Viewfinder Tuesday! This lighthouse is at Fabyan Park in Batavia, Illinois and overlooks the Fox River. If this sounds familiar, the Fabyan estate is where we've seen the windmill and the Japanese tea garden. There are a bunch of neat things on the estate, and it's a nice place to go walking and shooting.

This lighthouse, like much of the Fabyan estate, has a story behind it. Apparently, Colonel Fabyan tried to get the portion of the Fox River that passed through his grounds closed-the State of Illinois politely declined this request, so the Colonel had this little lighthouse put up. Apparently it used to flash twice, then three times, then twice....and on and on. Like a little two fingered salute to the state. It doesn't work now, sadly.

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