Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Firehouse, originally uploaded by William 74.

Like most big cities (and small ones, as well) Chicago has it's fair share of buildings that were built for one purpose but now serve another. In some cases they'll have been modified beyond recognition, but sometimes an old building will retain some of it's original ornamentation or signage.

This former firehouse is probably one of Chicago's most famous former stations. The former home of Engine Company 42, this great building is easily visible from the L (in fact, it's how I first noticed it, taking the Brown Line down to the Loop) and still retains much of it's fire station characteristics. This includes the CFD sign over the door, the big double doors, and it's characteristically narrow footprint. Originally built in 1888, this station was disused in 1964. Currently it appears to be unused, but is close to being granted landmark status.

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