Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We all scream for ice cream!

Cock Robin was a Chicago area chain of ice cream restaurants, and was a fixture for many years. Originally known as Prince Ice Cream, the chain was started in the late 20's in DeKalb, and was renamed Cock Robin Ice Cream in the early 50's. For a time both names were in use, and legend has it that, even though the ice cream was the same, people would say "I don't want that Cock Robin stuff, get me Prince Castle!"

Cock Robin was best known for it's steakburgers, the One-In-A-Million-Malted, and it's square shaped ice cream scoops. By the 50's they were widespread in the area (everyone I know "of a certain age" seems to have eaten at one back in the day), but by the 90's there were only a few left. The last one, in Brookfield, closed in 2006. This one's in Wheaton, and is still open as a burger joint/ice cream shop, but doesn't call itself Cock Robin, even though the sign is still on the top.

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