Friday, March 4, 2011

Foremost Liquors

Foremost Liquors neon sign, originally uploaded by William 74.
Foremost Liquors was/is a chain of liquor stores that at one time had outlets in 17 states, although now I only see them in the Chicago area. The brainchild of a guy named Irving Robins, Foremost was set up as a sort of co-op for liquor store owners, giving them a unified name and better advertising to help compete against the big guys. It worked, and Foremost is still well known, at least in the Chicago area, for it's dancing liquor bottle mascot.

This sign is on Chicago's far north side, in or around the Uptown/Edgewater area (I forget which side of the boundary this falls on). But there are several more in the city, and at least two out in Aurora as well. All of them seem to have one thing in common-really old signs. I kinda like 'em more for it.

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