Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Koolmotor TtV, originally uploaded by William 74.
Through the Viewfinder Tuesday! This week we have a neato old gas pump for you. It's a Gilbarco Calco-Meter, and if you don't recognize Koolmotor gasoline, don't fret, it's a Cities Service brand. Don't recognize Cities Service? It started off in the early 1900's as a general utility provider, moving into oil and petroleum products in the late teens. Cities Service stations were widespread throughout the east and midwest. In the mid sixties a new gasoline brand was introduced, and is the name we know the company by today-Citgo.

This pump is in front of a local themed restaurant, one of those "crap on the walls" places with a petroliana theme. Sadly, it seems that someone's busted the Koolmotor glass in the front.

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