Friday, March 11, 2011

The Music Box

Opened in August of 1929, the Music Box Theater is a little gem of a place. At a time when the big palaces in Chicago all had seating for 3,000 or so, the Music Box sat a mere 800, giving a much more intimate experience. It was also one of the first theaters in Chicago that was designed expressly for motion pictures-other joints like the Uptown or State-Lake had stages, and were meant to host live performances as well as movies. The Music Box had none of this, although it did have accommodations for an orchestra and an organ-sound films were just starting to become common, but the necessities for silent films were included, just in case that newfangled technology didn't catch on. Amazingly, the Music Box's first known silent film showing-the 1927 classic Wings-wasn't until 1983!

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