Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rapid Transit

Rapid Transit, originally uploaded by William 74.

Former CRT car 5001. The 5000-series was very rare-only four sets were made, and 5001 was the first. Originally built for the Chicago Rapid Transit company, the 5000's were used on the Howard, Jackson Park, and Douglas lines until landing a regular route to Evanston. Delivered in 1947, the 5000's remained in service until 1985. This one lives at the Fox River Trolley Museum, and is the only example in operating condition.

This particular example ran on the Garfield Park line. The Garfield Park line was part of the Metropolitan West Side Elevated system and opened in 1895. The Met's main line ran from the Loop at Wells St. out as far as the suburbs of Maywood, and was used by the Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin for access to downtown. The CA&E ended service in 1957, and all remnants of the old Met Line were closed a year later. They were replaced by the Congress Line, which is now part of the Blue Line and runs out to Forest Park..

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