Sunday, October 24, 2010

Out to Pasture

Out to Pasture, originally uploaded by William 74.

I've noticed, in my travels, that you'll often find an old farm or other rural business that's got a little stash of old cars and trucks tucked in a back corner, quietly going to ground. Usually they date from the last few decades, trucks from the 70's and 80's, big Chevy Caprice Classic sedans, the occasional minivan. Once in a while you'll find something really old.

Such is the case here. This is a Chevrolet half ton truck, about a '35 or '36. It's parked out back of a tractor repair shop, and amazingly seems to have been in the same family since new. Like all cars, trucks aren't immune to being sold on, repaired, taken apart, and modified down through the years. I have no idea how long it's been sitting here, or what (if any) malady caused it to be left to rust away.


  1. This picture is intriguing- not only is it a cool old truck (and a nice shot of it at that- love the shadows from the trees), but what's with the stuff sticking out the top? Is that something else behind it, or was the truck modified to do something farm-related?

  2. The machinery is mounted on the back of the truck-it's a flatbed. The truck was used for shelling. It's too bad it's so far gone-the machinery on the back would make the truck a more interesting display.