Monday, September 12, 2011


Delahaye by William 74
Delahaye, a photo by William 74 on Flickr.

Founded in 1894, Delahaye is probably best known for the almost impossibly outlandish exotics that coachbuilders such as Figoni et Falaschi and Chapron built in the pre-war years. But, the company also built slightly more down to earth cars, with graceful coachwork that is still capable of winning beauty contests today. Interestingly, Delahaye was also one of France's major truck manufacturers, a line that continued after the Second World War. In fact, Delahaye's biggest earner was a Jeep-like vehicle built for the French Army! Eventually the company merged with Hotchkiss (another French truck manufacturer with a sideline in cars), which discontinued Delahaye's car manufacturing arm, ending a run of over fifty years.

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