Friday, July 15, 2011

The Hub

The Hub Theatre-Rochelle, IL

Rochelle, Illinois is known as the "Hub City", due to it's location at the intersection of two major highways-the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental road, and Rt. 51, one of the first to go north/south. Although the Lincoln and 51 have diminished in importance through the years (they're known as State Routes 38 and 251 respectively), the town is still crossed by major routes going in both directions. It's also the center of the universe for local area train buffs, with both Union Pacific and BNSF having major lines that intersect in town. It's proven to be such a draw that the city put up a park just for rail fans.

Anyway, that's how the Hub Theater got it's name. It's been around forever, and features a well weathered neon sign atop the marquee. I believe it still works. Sadly, the Hub is currently out of business and is up for sale-hopefully someone can save it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the great pic. Rochelle is my hometown and this is a great picture of its rich tradition. Our high school mascot is actually the Hubs!! Thanks again! Great shot!