Monday, June 20, 2011

V-8 Ford


Ford's Model B, introduced in 1932, was an important car for the company. Aside from being a replacement for Ford's long-serving Model A, and fixing a few of that car's shortcomings, the new model would also provide a platform for Ford's brand new V-8 engine, the legendary Flathead. This was a bigger deal than many today realize-previously, anything bigger than a four-pot was the preserve of expensive luxury marques, not humble working class Fords. Finally, Joe Average could enjoy some of the performance of Joseph Moneybags, even more so if he was handy with tools because the new Ford engine was pretty easy to soup up and make more powerful.

The classic Model B, it seems, is the legendary '32, the Deuce. It's the one that all the hot rodders got and it's the one that everyone still likes to build today. But the Model B lasted until 1935-a heavy restyling job for the '33 season brought more flowing lines to the car, as well as some new trim and more power. This graceful hood ornament is on a '33.

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