Thursday, June 2, 2011



There's this garage, way out in the country, that's surrounded by a yard full of old tractors and trucks. It's eye catching-most of the tractors are bright yellow Minneapolis-Molines, and they jump out at you as you drive past. The man who owns them is a retired farmer, and runs a tractor shop in his spare time. Or so I'm told-I've never actually seen him there, just his shop truck parked in various spots around the yard.

I was out there and met his neighbor-I apologized for trespassing and he said it was no big deal, it wasn't his yard anyway! Old Arthur wouldn't mind, either, as long as I didn't touch anything. Apparently, Arthur is the last of his line, sold off his old business to run the tractor shop and play with his tractors. Apparently, he wants to open up a Minnie-Mo museum-all the tractors and trucks are in line to be restored.


It's a familiar story, you see it all the time. Some day, they'll all be cleaned up and shiny, but I don't know. I half expect to be going by and to see the place empty, the tractors gone, the shop knocked down, the lawn overgrown.

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