Friday, April 15, 2011

Electric Heat & Air Conditioning

Shadylawn Motel, originally uploaded by William 74.
Sometimes you find stuff when you're not really looking. Such is the case with the Shadylawn Motel's excellent neon sign. It's along U.S. 30, just outside of bucolic Hinckley, Illinois. U.S. 30 was a main east-west route of the U.S. system of numbered highways, and was commissioned in the late 20's.

The road goes through quite a few large cities, but through a good stretch of Illinois it shoots across the prairie, through Rockwellian towns like Shabbona, Waterman, and Hinckley. It's hardly the sort of place you'd find such a Googie-tastic slice of Atomic Number 10, but there it is. The motel seems to still be in business-I think I should go back out there after dark and see if they still turn this beauty on.

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