Monday, April 11, 2011

Ask The Man Who Owns One-Pt. 2

Packard, originally uploaded by William 74.
I've shown you this car before-it's a '55 or '56 Packard 400, sitting in a backyard doing nothing much. I ventured back to it's hiding place, mainly to see more of it since the grass and weeds that grow around it are dead or dormant right now (plus there are fewer bugs!). I was pleased-and saddened-to note that this car is really, really complete. There are a few bits of trim missing, but all the windows are up and sealed, the interior is all there and not chewed up by rodents, and the side I couldn't see over the summer isn't caved in by old accident damage. In short, it looks like the old Packard was just driven-or maybe pushed, maybe the engine is bad- to it's resting spot and parked up.

This saddens me. I like these cars. They look clean and classy, and this one would have been stunning in black and white two tone, with a red interior. And here it sits, going to ground.

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