Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Through the Viewfinder Tuesday!

Barn TtV, originally uploaded by William 74.
I seem to have skipped a week, so here's the return of Through the Viewfinder Tuesday!

This week's subject is a barn and silo complex in rural Illinois, along the Lincoln Highway. I've passed this place numerous times, but have never managed to get a really good shot of it until recently. The recent heavy snowfalls and cold temperatures have left an excellent blanket of the white stuff along the fields. I think it's a remarkably pretty scene. The buildings appear to be abandoned-the nearest one is open on the sides and appears to contain only garbage, although the snow had drifted mightily so I'll probably have to go back and investigate again when it's warmer.

This is an interesting TtV shot. I don't usually shoot into the sun with this setup, because the plastic lenses of my trusty Spartus Full-Vue craze badly, and tends to show up the weird double reflections of the crazed mirror. But I was trying to do a TtV version of a photo I'd taken earlier-I'm not sure if I quite succeeded, but I do like the outcome.

ETA  link.

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