Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drink Coca-Cola

Drink Coca-Cola, originally uploaded by William 74.
Coca-Cola is one of the best known brand names in the world-second perhaps to McDonald's-and Coke memorabilia is very popular. This is a big Coke machine, probably from the early fifties, and would have been in a convenience store or gas station. It's currently being used as decoration at a garden center that happens to be located in a very intact Pure Oil cottage style station.

I've never seen one quite like this, and more importantly I've never seen one with the fifties Squirt logo on it either. It's a sticker, and unfortunately it seems that someone has tried to peel it off sometime in the distant past. Too bad-it may not be original but it added some interest to the machine.


  1. That is very cool.

    I'm amazed at where old Coca-Cola stuff pops up these days. This is the most interesting shot I've ever captured of a Coke sign (and I have to say, you're the reason I even stopped to take this photo at the time).

  2. Thanks, P. I have a bunch of Coke photos-there are a couple of places around here that have old signs and coolers as decoration.

    The vintage signs are incredible.

  3. I like how the old signs have stuff in them that is clearly not allowed nowadays- like citing the medical benefits of drinking Coke. "Relieves fatigue!" being one point.