Monday, December 12, 2011

Blast Off

Jet and rocket imagery was everywhere in the atomic fifties, and few companies took to it as much as General Motors. For a while their cars had rockets and swept wing jets everywhere, especially at the front. This one's an Oldsmobile Rocket 88. I totally dig the contrails molded into the sheet metal of the hood. You don't see that level of detail anymore.

Oldsmobile Rocket 88 #2

Olds got an extra rocket at the back, too.

Oldsmobile Rocket 88 #3

This sporty number's off a Pontiac

Blast Off! #2

This one's a Buick, I think. It also looks more like a torpedo, but whatever.

The Pointy End

And finally, a tribute to Northrop's flying wings, courtesy of Pontiac.

Blast Off! #3

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